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History Behind The Name Miss Macie

The Miss Macie brand came to life and was created in 2016 as a tribute to an amazing, selfless woman, Miss Macie (pictured left). Miss Macie was the Paternal Grandmother of the owner of Anderson Bean boot company, Mr. Trainor Evans. Macie, was a wife, mother, and grandmother who was compassionate, kind, decent and gave everything she hadher whole life to her family. In the era that she lived in, it was not uncommon for women to not have anything in their name or any form of legacy other than their children to carry on the memories of the love, nurturing and sacrifices they gave daily. When Mr. Trainor was speaking of his grandmother and telling me what an amazing woman she was; how she was responsible through her hard work and dedication for much of her family’s success, we knew we had to continue her legacy through naming the new boot company, Miss Macie Boots.

Why Choose Miss Macie Boots?

The mission is to create uniquely handcrafted boots that appeal to every woman.  Every detail has been meticulously considered to ensure the highest level of quality. Miss Macie boots are handcrafted by artisans who have been perfecting the process used to give each boot the one of a kind vintage style that can be seen in the collection today.

Customer service is something that everyone in the Miss Macie family considers an honor to provide.  We understand that our customers are entrusting us to participate in their day to day business and we are incredibly grateful for that opportunity.

Each pair of boots has a scripture engraved on the bottom of the sole. There are eight scriptures, which are meant to be a personal blessing to everyone that purchases a pair of Miss Macie boots and is our special way of touching those we have never met.

Our Boots Have Superior Construction & Design

  • Miss Macie uses all leather construction

  • Hung lining (seamless interior of the boot)

  • Cushioned insoles (Poron used in the Olympian tennis shoes)

  • ¾ welt

  • Lemon wood pegs

  • Leather sole and leather components

  • The leather used in construction are hand selected. The grade of these leathers is why Miss Macie boots get better looking with time

  • Miss Macie strives to bring an edge to our design and a bohemian feel to the western industry.

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